Runway uses Docker to download and run models locally on your own computer. Because of this, Models are stored on disk as Docker Images in the default Disk Image Location specified by Docker. Docker requires that all of its images are stored in the same location, even non-Runway images. You can, however, change this install location.

Changing the Docker disk image location is handled differently on each operating system. We illustrate how to do this for each OS below.


Make sure Docker Desktop is running and then open Preferences.

From the Preferences menu, select Disk. Click the Move disk folder to set a new location where your Docker images will be stored. 

If you are changing the disk folder location to another hard drive or disk partition, it may take some time for the task to complete. Once the disk folder has been moved, your Runway models should now be stored on the new disk instead, and newly downloaded models will be stored there as well.


These instructions are taken from Paolo Bracco's blog post "Change Docker Image Location in Windows"

Open Docker Desktop for Windows by right-clicking on the whale icon from the Systems Tray.

From this menu select Settings > Daemon > then toggle Basic to Advanced.

Change the value in the "graph"  field to another location to change where Docker saves its program data, including the Docker Images it downloads. This location may live on another disk (C:\\) , but take care that whatever value you assign escapes "\"characters dividing paths with a second \ (e.g. \\ ) and the value is enclosed in double quotes as show above.

Once you've chosen the new location, click Apply. You must restart Docker for the new changes to take affect. To restart Docker, right click on the Docker icon in the System Tray once again and click Restart.

Frustratingly, the old Docker images (Runway models) will stay in the old location and it's up to you to delete them manually after restarting Docker. They exist in the \ProgramData\Docker\windowsfilter  folder of whichever drive you originally had the "graph"  value set to.

From Paolo's original blog post:

I’m not sure if you can simply move them to the new location. I didn’t bother. I tried to copy the files from windowsfilter  but got some errors and saw that some links were not copied correctly, so I gave up and simply built my docker files to generate a new, clean images and containers from scratch.


The Docker image location can be set on Linux by modifying the "data-root"  property in /etc/docker/daemon.json and then restarting the Docker daemon. Check out Adriel's quick tutorial on the subject for step-by-step instructions:

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