As of the beta version 0.8.0, you can use your own GPU hardware with Runway. This is an experimental feature 🧪 and not all GPU cards are supported. 

💻 System requirements and Platform support

  • A Linux distribution (tested with Ubuntu 18.04, but likely works with other distros and flavors)
  • An NVIDIA GPU that supports CUDA (see a full list of supported GPUs here)
  • Recent NVIDIA drivers (Drivers can be downloaded from NVIDIA's website directly or from your package manager. You must have a driver version recent enough to support CUDA 9, 9.2, and 10. See this version compatibility matrix to make sure your drivers are up to date.)
  • A local installation of nvidia-docker2 (the newest version of the nvidia-container-toolkit is not yet supported, however, both packages can be installed on the same machine and function independently no problem)

WARNING: Ubuntu 18.04's official package repository for NVIDIA drivers has out-of-date drivers. In order to install more recent drivers, add the graphics-drivers  PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt-get update.Then install the latest drivers via Software & Updates > Additional Drivers or via apt .

❌ We don't offer support for:

  • MacOS and Windows 
  • AMD or Intel Graphics Cards 
  • External GPUs (like Blackmagic eGPU or others) 

Why isn't MacOS or Windows supported?

Local GPU is only supported on Linux operating systems due to the use of NVIDIA Docker and NVIDIA drivers for Linux. You should try Ubuntu, it's pretty nice ;)

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