Runway is available for all Linux distributions as a self-contained AppImage file. We chose to distribute Runway as an AppImage for several reasons:

  • To refrain from having to build and test distribution-specific packages for each release
  • To contain all libraries and dependencies in a single file instead of scattering them around your OS
  • To allow you to run Runway without sudo

If you've never used an AppImage before it's pretty straightforward: You simply download the AppImage, make it executable, and then run it!

Download & Install 

Click here ⬇️to Download the latest Runway AppImage file. 

Once you've downloaded the .AppImage  file you must adjust its file permissions to allow it to be executed as a program. The GIF below demonstrates how to do this on Ubuntu.

If you'd prefer to change the file permissions manually via the terminal instead of the GUI as pictured above, navigate to the folder containing the Runway AppImage and run: chmod +x Runway.AppImage  being sure to replace Runway.AppImage  with the actual name of your download (e.g. Runway 0.6.9.AppImage ).

AppImage files may not correctly register icon files out of the box. The appimaged  daemon can help with that!  

Download and install the appimaged daemon so that it can manage your AppImages. 

wget ""
chmod a+x appimaged-x86_64.AppImage
./appimaged-x86_64.AppImage --install

appimaged  will monitor the following directories for all .AppImage  files:

  • $HOME/Downloads (or its localized equivalent, as determined by G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD in glib)
  • $HOME/.local/bin
  • $HOME/bin
  • $HOME/Applications
  • /Applications
  • [any mounted partition]/Applications
  • /opt
  • /usr/local/bin

Move your Runway.AppImage  file into one of those directories and open it from there. appimaged  should find and update the Runway icon in your dock and Runway should now be discoverable in your OS application search.


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