The first 10 people to use the coupon code SUPPORT will receive $5 USD in free credits.

If you have a coupon code you can redeem it via the Billing page on

Visit the user dashboard via your web browser, where you will be prompted to login with your RunwayML account credentials. You can also open the account page via the RunwayML app by clicking "Edit Profile" button from the Settings page which will automatically log you in.

Once you've logged in click the Billing page. From there you will be able to redeem any coupon codes you may have. Redeemed codes will be immediately credited to your account. Coupon codes cannot be used twice by the same user account, and some codes are unique; in general they are only valid for a single use.

All credits redeemed by coupon codes will be valid for the duration of the RunwayML Public Beta only. Once RunwayML moves out of beta, new coupon codes will be created, but you may be unable to use credits that you've previously redeemed via coupon codes during the beta.

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